Al Masar Agency develops its services to meet the needs of customers by contracting LeadVy

Anas Aldib - February 3, 2018 - 2 comments

Al Masar Agency has signed a partnership with LeadVy Digital Marketing International to develop its e-marketing services, manage social networking platforms, and support the latest technology solutions in the field of new media.

This comes within the framework of the new directions of Al Masar Agency to meet the needs of customers and reach their target segments in the best possible manner and at the lowest possible cost.

LeadVy Digital Marketing is a member of Horizons DigiTech Group, a global technology and support company, and LeadVy Digital Marketing is a technology company that addresses the business challenges facing companies across the region and the world. To withstand those challenges by using all available technological means.

Mr. Wael Kordi, General Manager of Al Masar Agency stated that he is happy to cooperate with LeadVy Digital Marketing because of the company’s reputation and experience in its field. He added that Al Masar Agency aims to develop its capabilities in line with what he called “Technological “accelerated, stressing that the company contracted with several experts to achieve this desired development.

It should be noted that the route will later announce the details of its new and fully developed services by the beginning of February 2018.

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