Information Architecture & User Experience

The Art and Science of Organizing Websites

What is Information Architecture?

What does Information Architecture do? How does it help make our life easier? Here’s a the short definition to better understand what our Information Architecture (IA) does.

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Information Architecture is the fundamental structure of shared materials and information responsible in putting a label particularly in websites, intranet, systems, software and web application to support its usability. It is the “art and science of organizing websites” as what it is generally define. LeadVy conceptualize professional websites with appropriate wireframe and detailed ideas that will showcase the products and services being offered by our partners.

Can you imagine a system or a web application without a structure or browsing on a website without a principle of design? If no, it is because our developers help our partners to manage and find the information that their clients need. LeadVy ideally will take them to a specific location with the content they need in the best possible way with less hassle.

While Architecture Information’s concern is the structure of the system, the concern of Our User Experience (UX) is more on aiming on the user’s emotional level. It is the impression of the person when interfacing with a system or web application. Is it easy to navigate? Is it user-friendly? Does it meet the user’s needs? Those are the qualifications that LeadVy will evaluate about the whole system or website and we guarantee to address all these standards.

LeadVy doesn’t just build wireframes and organize it with designs and contents. With the combined knowledge and experience of our Developer and User Experience team, We will provide more expressive and interactive websites that will connect our partners to their clients in a long term basis.

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