Terms of Service

  1. The project begins, after customer approves the requirements and first payment is received.
  2. The project goes online, after client approves the website, and final payment is received.
  3. All data to be ready and confirmed before development
  4. Design to be approved before development
  5. All communication with Al Masar Agency to be done through the Hub.
    On the Hub the client will receive all e-mails, notification, invoices and project updates from Al Masar Agency .
  6. Client will answer all the queries within 2 working days. Any delay caused in getting response to answer of queries will be accounted in the project deliverable.
  7. Al Masar Agency will keep its client’s information private and confidential at all times, during and after the period of the contract.
  8. The client acknowledges and agrees that Al Masar Agency may use the services rendered to the client as references for marketing purposes.
  9. As all content is approved by the client, Al Masar Agency caries no liability related to copyright infringement posting the content may cause, or the comments it spawns from the online community, along with possible financial damages, defamation of character or any other material or financial losses caused to the client’s business or a third party.
  10. Complete payments before going online
  11. No refund policy