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Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Just as you would optimize your website for search engines, you need your mobile app to be easy for your prospective audience to find. SEO for apps can be incredibly beneficial at helping users discover your app online. In most app stores, a top ranking is dependent on the number of daily downloads, and the ratings and reviews the app receives. We can analyze the competition within your market, and come up with a strategy to help raise the visibility for your mobile app. By creating brand recognition in preparation of your app’s launch, and encouraging your customers to rate and review your product once it is released, we can create the necessary traction to optimize your platform for search. Together we can execute a plan for App Store Optimization (ASO) that will tap into your mobile app’s audience, and use their input to grow your brand online.

A mobile app is an extension of your brand, and in many cases, the app is your actual product. Therefore, marketing must begin long before the app’s official launch to the public. It needs to gain a following, and reach an audience of potential users to set it up for future success. Our Digital PR team works to focus on app branding and targeting specific media audiences to peak as much interest as possible. We measure the importance of accessing offline publications just as aggressively as online ones, and work with media outlets that cater not only to the tech industry, but to the specific market that you want to serve. These placements build links back to your website and can increase your referral traffic, improving your rankings along the way. Our team is experienced with PR for mobile apps and takes the time to brainstorm creative angles and strategically plan what channels would best serve the demographic you are targeting. Building brand recognition is just as important as driving in traffic when it comes to your mobile app. We work to find a way around any obstacles in order to promote your product, access the correct audience, and grow your business.

To launch a mobile app, you need a strong social media presence. We can help you determine which social media channels are the right ones for you and your brand, and we will optimize these profiles with the right content in order for them to make an impact online. Whether starting from scratch, or taking over your existing social efforts, we will provide visitors with the information they need in order to learn more about your business and your mobile app when they engage with your social channels. Our social media team is experienced in setting up, launching, and managing campaigns across all social platforms, so you can be sure your business has a brand voice and identity online. Through detailed content calendars, we plan and execute how you audience is presented with your app on social media. Social media marketing for your app allows you to create a community surrounding your business, and the marketing strategies used by Al Masar Media will find your audience, and help it to grow.

Paid advertising for apps is a great way to increase qualified traffic to your business, while generating stronger brand awareness. We research and strategize what keywords and demographics should be targeted, and can even customize your campaign to focus on a geographic region if needed. These advertising options have multiple specifications so that you can reach the audience that is most relevant to your business. Whether you want a user to download your mobile app or use the platform as a vessel to your website or social media pages, we can help lead them in the right direction with compelling SEM for mobile apps. Through a combination of design, copywriting, and strategic placement, we can tap into the market surrounding your mobile app and convert those individuals into customers.