Email Marketing

Send emails to your long list of subscribers through an enhanced email marketing strategy. Email provides the most direct line of communication, which is used by most content marketers. This strategy can give you a higher return of investment at a very low cost.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the use of email to send advertisements to group of consumers. Every email that you send to current customers or potential customers are considered email marketing. This usually includes request business with ads, solicit sales, donations, or building good relationship with clients. There are three types of Email Marketing:

Transaction Emails

This email is triggered by the customer’s action with the company, such as purchases and reservations.

Direct Emails

This involves promotional messages like special offers with corresponding links to access the service or product.

Email Newsletters

This email includes news and information about the business. It does not usually involve sales, but it is focus on building good relationship with customers.

Subject Line Maximization

To increase the conversion rate, it is essential to learn how to maximize the impact of all components. An example is the practice of using the business name in the Subject Line. Maximizing the subject line means not wasting all the spaces provided and make use of it properly. Instead of putting the business name on the subject line, it can be included in the From field.

Boosting Your Conversion Rate

It is important to make email personalization to boost your website conversions. Including names on videos or coupons to encourage the recipients can increase your revenue. We can help you develop a well-designed and personalized email n for potential customers. Getting best results from email campaign requires effective implementation of comprehensive strategies. There must be continuous improvement of all components that are integrated in delivering the goals of your campaign.